Our cattle

Farmer Brian Angus, who hails from generations of Angus breeders, sources our calves from breeder farmers at a young age, which means we have full control over their well-being throughout their stay with us. Our expert animal nutritionist has formulated feed rations tailored to our cattle, ensuring that they grow optimally and stay strong and healthy. Our Angus cattle thrive on our farms and receive no growth promoters or hormones. We try our utmost to keep the process as natural as possible.

Our world-class Electronic Identification System (EID) enables us to track the origin, progress and health of all our cattle throughout their life as well as in carcass form.

If you have Angus calves for sale, please contact Brian Angus on office@woodview.co.za or 082 573 9687 for more information.

Hand-selected beef

Our operation is vertically integrated, allowing us full quality control throughout the entire process – from the cattle on the farm through to the beef that ultimately ends up on your plate. Our Angus beef is hand-selected for its marbling and conformation attributes, ensuring that every bite is full of the distinct flavour you would expect from an exclusive Angus beef programme.

Our beef is expertly trimmed and packed by highly skilled members of our Sparta team, ensuring that every cut meets the highest expectations.

Sparta Angus beef is in a class of its own, defining the standard by which beef is measured. It captures the essence of the premium flavour that has made Angus beef famous the world over.

Electronic Identification (EID)

Electronic Identification (EID), also known as Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), enables us to quickly, easily and accurately capture an animal’s information (i.e. its place of origin, sire, weight, breed, gender, intake date and weight, medication history, etc.) and review or record information into a record-keeping programme and database.

This is an excellent management tool for individual animal record-keeping, traceability and quality assurance. This system kicks in at calf intake and continues throughout our vertically integrated operation up to packaged product stage.

Cleaver and Fork

Why Angus beef?

Angus cattle is undoubtedly the most popular beef cattle breed in the world. Of Scottish origin, these black and red hornless cattle are robust and strong, with a high meat-to-bone ratio rendering them very profitable beef cattle. The breed’s popularity, however, is mainly due to its ability to achieve high marbling scores, which produces particularly tender, succulent and full-flavoured meat.

What is marbling?

Marbling is fine, web-like seams of intramuscular fat found in premium quality beef. Graded on the rib-eye, the unsaturated marble fat is rich in Omega 3 and 6. It’s an indication of exceptional tenderness and adds to the unique full flavour. Marbling only occurs in cattle that bear distinct genetics and follow a very specific diet.

Thyme herb